Fashion blogs are something that receives a maximum number of views, searches, likes, and comments. It is an inevitable part of our lives, and we cannot deny this. With the increase in the trend of blogging, we have seen a considerable increase in the number of people who have turned into fashion bloggers.

They have started their own blog and are successfully guiding people through the latest trends and buzz in the fashion world. To become a professional fashion blogger, you will have to design your website with aesthetic appeal, and themes play a major role in that.

In this article, we will tell you about the Best Fashion Blog WordPress Themes to opt for increasing the traffic on your blog.

Top 10 Fashion Blog WordPress Themes 2020


As the name itself suggests, it is one of the most preferred Fashion Blog WordPress Themes in the market that will help you in marketing your fashion blogs like a pro.

It has smart options and is reader-friendly to keep your visitor engaged, thereby reducing the bounce rate.

You can customize it as per your requirement after installing, and it has advanced option panels to fulfill all your needs. With color variations, typography options, and WooCommerce compatibility, it will optimize your blog in the most beautiful manner.

It is embedded with a translation panel which allows the readers to read your content in their language.



This is supposed to be the most attractive theme of all because it has many elements to drive the attention of your readers. It offers you many layouts to choose which one will arrange your content in the smartest way.

It has an inbuilt theme customization panel which allows you to modify and preview the changes before confirming it. It has a clean and trendy design with a significant number of layout options.

The typography panel is accurately refined and is supported by Google Web Fonts and a simple color picker.


Heart & Style:

If you are looking for something which includes everything in a package for fashion bloggers, then this is the right theme for you.

It offers you three types of homepage layout designs and more than 250 customization options.

Even for the arrangement and synchronization of your content, you have different layouts to try. It is fast, responsive, accurately optimized, and very supportive of Fashion Blog WordPress Theme.


The Gem:

It has pre-designed layouts to choose from exclusively for fashion e-commerce and blogging.

When fed with the optimized content of excellent quality, this blog will fetch you a maximum number of visitors for your blog.

It has more than 50 inbuilt creative design concepts, and all the layouts are developed with high accuracy.

It will enhance the look and appearance of your website and will also boost the performance and traffic of your blog. It is intricately optimized for all search engines and has vibrant colors to engage your readers.


It is one of the best Fashion Blog WordPress Themes in the stack because of its glamorous and classy design.

If you wish to highlight your content and fashion picks, then this will serve the purpose to a greater extent.

This theme can be used to create a fashion blog of any sort, and you have the inbuilt WordPress customizer to bring a change in the colors of the theme.

You can organize your posts easily, keep a logo that is compatible with retina quality, auto-installation, and has WooCommerce compatibility.


It is a well-tailored theme that has elegant looks and boosts the appearance of your blog like never before. You get to choose from 6 unique designs and have more than 200 customization options in the panel.

You can select multiple sliders, footer, header, and Content posting styles.

All the pictures, logos, and menu is strategically placed at the right locations to optimize your website from the reader’s point of view. It has a unique gallery, easy navigation options, inbuilt widgets, and has the WooCommerce compatibility.



It is one of the easiest and best Fashion Blog WordPress Themes to choose from the digital marketplace. You get unlimited menu variations, header options, footer layouts, and whatnot.

You have 5 options to select the base design of your blog, and the integrated control panel will help you in configuring the theme in a very smooth manner.

It is embedded with 9 WordPress plug-ins and is compatible with the WooCommerce platform.



This is one of the classiest themes to choose from, and it will win the attention of your visitors even before they go through your content or post.

In a few easy steps, you can customize your blog, and it has eye-catching sliders along with three promo boxes below. You will be amazed at the easy-going functions of this theme.

You have fascinating options like 5 blog layouts, 4 post layouts, and innumerable color varieties to make your blog vibrant enough. It has translation support, Instagram feed, social media integration, and options to hide or show the elements.



It has a beautiful design with soft colors that you can choose from the color wheel and create a branding of your choice.

You are offered many options in the layout that offer different styles of content and post arrangement in your blog. It has a special schema-org microdata which is incorporated to optimize your content for all types of search engines across the digital platform.

It has 3 features widgets, the sticky menu for smooth navigation, translation support, and social media icons.


It is an excellent theme that has the easiest importing and customizing options that do not require you to learn to code. You can choose from several designs, and it offers three portfolio styles for your blog. It has 7 blog styles and sliders with unique design and navigation system.

The great edge slideshow will add a bonus to your blog by making it more appealing to your visitors and will reduce the bounce rate in a short span of time.