How to Create Your Own Website from Scratch with Just Keyboard and Mouse Skills?

The identity of personal and business profile is a new age necessity of every individual and business respectively.

Fortunately, we have a number of website developers from all over the world available to get your idea of design and functionality constructed as you wanted it.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t come for free. The more you need a customization in your design, the more you need to pay your dreams hatching chicken littles.

How nice would it be if you could build your own website brick by brick and shape it as you wanted?

How nice would it be if it takes a little and measured cost depending on the walls you build in your castle? How nice would it be if you could build your own Ironman suit and fly in the skies from country to country for free?

The third one may be exaggerated but not the first two statements. Yes! I’m serious. You could build your own website brick by brick as you wanted.

Wait! Is this going to need some tough ninja web developing skills? Hetch-ee-Ell-Ell-oo No!

Spoiler alert: If you are already a web developer, just skip down to Step 9 and read it from there on.

You can simply use Evanto Sites to build your own website with no technical knowledge required.

What is ‘Evanto Sites’?

Evanto Sites is ready to go website builder that allows you to create your own website from the visual construction blocks that are already programmed for those with no technical knowledge.

You can try it for free unless you want to take it live.

Of course, you want it to take it live after creating it but you no need to pay for it to try it right? Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Building website with Evanto Sites

Let’s see how we can build a website with Evanto Sites.

Step 1: Click on ‘Try it now for free

Step 2: Choose a category of website that you wanted to create. It is important because the type of website that you want to create will have a separate layout compared to others.

For example, a personal website layout cannot be applied to a company’s website.

Step 3: Choose a layout to proceed with the layout design. You need to sign in with your Evanto account details. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Create one by clicking on the ‘Creating an account here’ link on the login page.

Step 4: After creating an account, you will get a confirmation link through email. Click on it to go to fill basic details that it will show in a form.

Step 5: Click on ‘start editing my website’ after filling the information. The layout editing dashboard will be shown with all the simple control that would pop right open after clicking on the elements of the website.

Step 6: Go to ‘Settings’ tab to edit the ‘site name’, ‘highlight color’, ‘homepage’ and ‘subscriptions’ settings. You also have third-party plugin integrations like ‘Google Analytics’, ‘Live Chat’ and ‘Mailing list pop-up’ for tracking and user interactions on your website.

If you are designing a personal website, the live chat may not need to be configured. A business website would need it to capture leads and provide support to their customers.

Step 7: Go to ‘Preview’ tab to see how your website looks before making it live.

Step 8: The website that you have just create with ‘Evanto Sites’ will take al low as $3 to publish it. The subscription can be done through VISA and Master credit cards or via PayPal.

The subscription includes the hosting and support as long as you want to keep it live.

Step 9: You can connect your domain to this website easily. Evanto’s support offers great help in getting the issues solved once the subscription is taken.

For $3? Seriously? Unbelievable yet true.

Is it that easy to create a website?

No! You need to convince a tiger to eat grass after you do all that. Also, you need to fight Thanos and disassemble all infinity stones back to their places.

C’mon! I told you before that it is easy. That’s it!

I’m a web developer and they call me master of the universe with keyboard and mouse

Hello, world! I know that satisfies your gut as a developer to have wished. Evanto also has a wonderful solution for Ozs like you out there.

You know what they call it, ‘the digital marketplace’ for earthlings.


Evanto rules the global community with its responsive, faster and SEO friendly themes and plugins for various platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Landing Pages and more.

If it’s ringing any bells for you, it’s about ‘Themeforest’ that I am talking about. Hope I don’t have to say another word about it again.

As a master of the universe, you would have known about what ‘Themeforest’ is for and what of had to offer you.


With over 25,000 code snippets and plugins ranging from just $2, Evanto’s coding crazy platform, Codecanyon offers you all the code that you would need from PHP to Bootstrap created by the global community of developers.

Fonts & Icons

It matters to a developer to choose fonts and icons of his choice while developing a website? Where do you actually get fonts and icons from?

If you are still thinking about opening another browser tab to Google it, you should know this.

Evanto’s ‘Graphicriver’ has 635,737 fonts, logos and icons for custom coded website development.

These huge graphic collections come from the creations of a global community of designers. I bet it would take you more time choosing a right icon for your needs.

You cannot just fix on one element when you have all awesome designs.

Evanto Elements

Are you going to buy all those elements that you liked and scrap them if they don’t match your requirement of your client doesn’t like it?

Why waste money when you have an unlimited subscription for a reasonable price?

Evanto Element is a creative suite with all the assets needed for a website. They can be accessed with no restriction with just $29 a month.

You will get unlimited access to themes, plugins, graphics, photos, fonts, icons, and logos. Isn’t that money saving for you? It is indeed.

Over thousands and thousands of web, elements are added every week in Evanto Elements. You can access all of them for just $29 per month.

One more thing

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