Though, WordPress has thousands of themes in its library. But, it could or couldn’t go according to your requirement. In this case, buying a premium WordPress Blogging Themes and customizing accordingly could be a better way to go with it.

As the purchase goes for one time for a blog. Isn’t it?

One Blog, one-time purchase. In this scenario, you might want to choose the right one.

So what are the measures to get the right one?

Choosing a WordPress Blogging Themes.

  • Fast Loading
  • Well Optimized
  • Multipurpose (So that you can use for multiple blogs as well, but customizing it)
  • Mobile friendly
  • Well Coded Theme (so that you should not feel the pain later)
  • and more.

To make the job easier here I am listing some best WordPress Blogging Themes for bloggers to grow their blog.

These Blogging Themes are been hand-picked by considering all the above criteria.

15 Best WordPress Blogging Themes for Bloggers


The Schema is the fastest WordPress theme. And it’s being tested and beats plenty of themes in this department including Genesis. Can you believe it?

Can you believe Genesis which is known as a great well-optimized theme itself?

Schema simple customization makes it more choosable. Completely responsive and looks great on all devices.

A few of the features are –

  • Blazing Fast Loading
  • Highly Optimized and SEO Friendly
  • 2 Layouts
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Responsive ad slots and Widgets
  • Inbuilt Social Icons
  • Integrated review system
  • Well coded and more

If you are looking for a faster jet loading WordPress website, then the Schema should be your choice.

Along with fast-loading, it has many robust inbuilt features as well.  Catchy widgets, inbuilt review system, full of fonts and Social Media as well.



For those who want to make their blog more appealing and attractive, an Extra WordPress theme may help to achieve it.

It has tons of features, which can excite anyone. At the same time, it won’t look messy at all.

Few of the features are

  • Dynamic menu
  • Powerful Slider
  • Mega Menus
  • Awesome related posts
  • post inbuilt rating system,
  • Great image animations
  • Inbuilt E-commerce ready (where you can directly sell products)

I would say it is a perfect fit for the food, and travel bloggers. Though, it’s not limited to those, as it has an E-commerce page too.



This one looks clean and it can be used for multipurpose. Whatever your blog is about, it gets fits on all.

Focus theme will enhance your WordPress website looks significantly.

This could be one of the first options for, who are looking to earn from the affiliates.

Focus WordPress theme has the potential to get more sales/leads.



Genesis Framework is a built-in secure and highly optimized WordPress theme. It has a great loading speed and an elegant look.

It can be customizable to 1column, 2 columns and even to 3 column layout. Two menus make it more special.

This is a completely neat and clean theme, which loads blazing fast like the Schema WordPress theme.

It has inbuilt featured content widgets too. You will be able to customize the header, just according to your requirement.

More tons of features makes it one of the most selling WordPress theme. A great theme for serious bloggers.



Social Me is a decent looking theme, in fact, it’s been used by many Influencers. One of them is Zac Johnson’s blog

It is a light and clear navigation menu,



Just like the name it is a cool theme, with decent and attractive looks.

It has a top menu along with social icons which can connect you with the readers.

Your readers would love to stay at your website and browse more content.

Because the User Experience is amazing. A great search bar and a full-featured image are just like a cherry on a cake.



My Blog is a theme designed by MyThemeShop. It has a great and sleek look.

A decent size of the content area and a required designed sidebar. It has a great loading speed as well.

An inbuilt prefetching and lazy load images increase its coolness.

Apart from those infinite loads makes it more special.

That means if you have a lot of content in the same category then switch on the infinite load option and enhance the user experience more.

Your reader would be able to enjoy all the relevant content just by scrolling.


Social Now

SocialNow Theme

Social Now can be used as a multi-purpose WordPress theme.

Though it gets a perfect fit who mainly concentrates on Social Media Marketing. The theme name itself describes it well.

It has some great social sharing icons which help the visitors to share instantly.

Clear navigation menus to enhance the user experience more to explore the site.

Sliders at the top beautify the look of it along with the wide footer.

A decent sidebar with an inbuilt widget makes it more appealing. This is not it, thousands of other features are included in it considering this modern era.



The newspaper is one of the most popular WordPress Blogging themes.

It gives a bright and soothing look to your blog. It is known as a Magazine theme, though it gets fits most of the niches.

In fact, it’s quite popular amongst tech bloggers.

The Newspaper is highly optimized and SEO friendly. It can be customized, the way you would like to.

It is also well known for its in-built social counter widget. Inbuilt ad system.

Few More Features

  • Easy customizations (drag and drop)
  • Stunning Looks
  • SEO Optimized and Responsive
  • Inbuilt Ad slots
  • Premium looking widgets
  • Multiple Headers and more.

The newspaper is one of the most used WordPress themes, all because of its advanced features.



Adsense WordPress theme is really going popular amongst bloggers.

And the reason behind that is quite obvious, it is highly optimized for Google Adsense.

In fact, the motto behind developing it, to make more money for the bloggers who make monetize their website through Adsense.

It is Complete responsive and advertisement friendly WordPress theme.

This theme even detects if the user has installed any ad blockers.

And if the Ad-blocker exists in the machine, then it shows a pop-up to the user “Our website is made possible by displaying online Advertisement to our visitors. Consider supporting us.”

And the user can unblock it just by clicking on a button. And this helps the bloggers to make more revenue with the help of this theme.

There are tons of more exciting features which make it more special.

  • Unlimited Google Fonts and colors
  • Integrated review system
  • 5 homepage layouts
  • After posts and after menu Ad slots
  • 7 layouts
  • SEO Optimized and Fully Responsive
  • Woo Commerce Ready
  • Ajax search, light box and more.

If you are monetizing your WordPress website by Adsense, it could be your first choice.



As the name says, it can go perfectly for the Ads. Great looks and well-crafted theme, which can add some more revenue to the bloggers.

Just like Adsense, Admania is too built considering the Ad slots. A variety of ad slots makes it special and popular who monetize their blog through ads.

Variety of Ad slots it offers

  • Gallery Post Ad
  • Sticky header Ad
  • Mobile Ad Layout
  • Ad Rotating

Few more Features of Admania

  • Fully Responsive
  • 6 Layouts
  • Ad Block Detector
  • Woo Commerce Ready
  • Admania has the potential to convert into high CTR.


Herald is a fully optimized WordPress theme with six layouts. It will give a dynamic and attractive look to your blog.

Herald is one of the themes which can be easily customizable with tons of integrated features.

Light and well optimized for the search engines.

Few more highlighted features to look on

  • Full mobile friendly and Responsive
  • Multiple headers (customizable)
  • Customizable layouts
  • Great on-mouse over social sharing icons.
  • Integrated Review System
  • Unlimited and sticky Sidebars
  • Multiple Paginations
  • Inbuilt shortcodes and more


Blogging box is quite a new theme by MyThemeshop.  It is basically a multipurpose WordPress theme with 4 layouts.

The sleek sidebar enhances its looks a lot. clean design with required graphics makes it complete.

Few more highlighted features to look on

  • 3 post layouts
  • Fully Responsive and SEO Friendly
  • Woo commerce compatible
  • Well Coded  and Parallax Scrolling
  • Unlimited colors and fonts
  • Shortcode and Azax loading
  • Mega Menus

It is a great lightweight WordPress theme for all kind of bloggers who works in any niches.



This one is a lightweight and the name of resembles it pretty well. It has just two layouts, which has the ability to viral the posts.

ViralNova a popular news website uses the SociallyViral theme built by MythemeShop.

It has the ability to increase the views dramatically. It is very popular amongst viral blogging bloggers and event bloggers.

A few more features are

  • Highly Optimized and Fully Responsive
  • Adsense Optimized
  • Schema Integrated and SEO friendly
  • Mega Drop Down
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Clean Design with full of Google Fonts
  • Unlimited sidebars with inbuild Integrated Review system and more.


An Adsense Optimized WordPress theme. It is a great theme, with effective monetizations.

A Very attractive theme, and comes with easily customizable options.

It can be converted into both boxed and full width both.

  • Responsive
  • Unlimited Sidebars and colors
  • Light and blazing fast
  • Customizable
  • 3 great looking layouts
  • Woo commerce supported
  • Well coded

Final Words:

These are the best WordPress Blogging Themes for bloggers.  All the above are responsive and would be helpful to achieve the stage you wanted to get in the blogging industry. These Blogging Themes dramatically play a huge role in success. So opting for the right one is necessary. While choosing those above things should be always considered.

Author Bio – Navin Rao always like to explore new things and learn from it. A part time Blogger and at QuestionCage, he writes tips, How-To Guides and some basic concepts to simplifying the work procedures. And when he gets time loves to listen to some pleasant music 🙂

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