In the Previous Posts, I’ve talked about best Ecommerce Joomla templates, and there’s a good reason for that: choosing the best Ecommerce Joomla template for your Online shop website can be hard.

Especially challenging for a new Small business owner who has no idea what exactly are they doing. Therefore, let’s review a service that’s offering unique Joomla templates for your website And give you an option to TRY before making the purchase.

Most of the Joomla ecommerce templates are pricey and rarely any new business owner can afford to spend tens of dollars for a Premium Ecommerce Joomla template they might not even know how to use.

Also if you have a decent experience with various Joomla template, each new Responsive Joomla template comes with new challenges and sometimes really hard to learn features.

That’s where JD Shop comes in with an outstanding approach to this whole Ecommerce website experience.

This Ecommerce Joomla template has it all:

  • Unique and easy to use layout
  • Outstanding design elements
  • A responsive and compatible design which works on all devices;
  • Fast and efficient work
  • A drag and drop interface which makes Essential easier to use and very user-friendly (Quix Page Builder Composer is added Free of cost);
  • Comprehensive documentation which can help even beginners understand the essence of the template;
  • 4 Color Variations;
  • Helix 3 Joomla Framework;
  • HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Mega & Mobile Menu
  • K2 & Easy Blog styling
  • Compatibility with Joomla 3.8.5;

What is the JD Shop?

JD Shop is an Ecommerce Joomla template, recently launched by JoomDev which perfectly work for online Store (i.e., shoe store, fashion store,), making it a unique way to present content to website visitors. Website designers can enjoy the exclusive design and layout of Essential and its flexibility.

This Premium Joomla has been created in such a way as to accommodate companies and brands of all shapes and sizes so that it can be used for any Ecommerce website.

For what I have observed, JD Shop has everything it takes to claim the first rank of its kind. Well-coded, beautifully designed, and undoubtedly able to cater to all listing needs.

JD Shop Ecommerce Joomla template is obviously launched to satisfy the most demanding customers out there. Also, its price is another thumb-up point, which gave me shockwaves.

JD Shop, Joomla ecommerce template with all those features and functionality, costs you no more than $39! What a price, I must say! Oh, and don’t forget that by purchasing the template, you also get Quix page builder Pro and SmartSlider3 Pro. Save $64.

More Info: Demo:

Note – Even you can Join the Joomla Template Club and gain access to all available club Joomla templates, upcoming Joomla templates & premium support during your membership in Just $59.


JD Shop removes the need for additional CSS for typography on your site. In its dedicated typography section, you can completely customize the look and feel of text on your site. You can also preview the text while customizing.

Awesome Compatibility

Aiming at perfecting user experience, the JoomDev team made it compatible with various awesome Joomla extensions. Sit still on your chair, because this could blow your mind:

Quix Page Builder:

This famous Drag & Drop Joomla page Builder Extension is destined to raise your Joomla website to another level by letting you create any layout fast and just with drag and drop! No more time wasted coding layouts manually, no more error with CSS and shortcodes because Quix Page Builder is here to help!


The JD Shop- Ecommerce Joomla template carries the mission of making your store and run smoother than ever! With HikaShop, the renowned Shopping Cart extension, just have to add your products and data, and you are ready to sell your products.

Smart Slider 3 Pro:

Said to be the most innovative and well-known Joomla slider Extension on the market right now, Smart Slider pro displays your website content in the most beautiful way possible! Use the drag and drop editor to tell your stories!

Social Media Icons

Adding social media buttons to your footer will encourage your users to follow you on various networks. You can add icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and any other channels you may be on.

The Verdict

The Ecommerce Joomla template is an excellent choice for Online Store & Small Ecommerce businesses. It is easy to use, highly-customizable, offers appealing visual effects and is 100% responsive.

If you are looking for an Ecommerce Joomla template for your website with a professional yet adaptable layout, then JD Shop, Joomla Ecommerce template is perfect for creating a readymade online shop.