JM ZoneStore is an e-commerce website template built based on Amazon’s trusted and tested design. JM ZoneStore includes everything that you may require for setting up your online store.

The user-friendly and familiar design also makes it easier for your customers to navigate your site. Moreover, it also comes with GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

Here are the key features of the JM ZoneStore template.

Amazon Inspired Design

Amazon has been the most widely used online shopping website for a very long time. The user interface of their website has set a standard for most modern shopping websites. The layout of the ZoneStore template is borrowed ideas from the Amazon website, making it familiar to new customers.

Pages such as the landing pages, the product description, and the search results – all of them have a layout that any customer will be familiar with. When the user interface is not hindering the shopping experience, you can experience people to shop more on your site.

The site still comes with its own unique design. For instance, it comes with a different color theme, which obviously can be tuned according to your needs. The menus and contents of the pages are animated and work fluently on any device. A minimalist and modern interface allows users to find what they are looking for with ease. The theme can be customized endlessly and provides integration with a large number of extensions.

Large Selection of Pages

It’s just not the front page that you will get when you buy this template. You will also get blogging pages, product directory, services presentations, galleries and more.

The site will be ready to use out of the box and you do not need to take the hassle of adding anything extra to get the site up and running. You even get the 404 and Coming Soon pages included with the template.

Extensive customization

JM ZoneStore provides a comprehensive amount of customization. You get admin template customization panel, an easy to use layout builder, unlimited color selection, font customization, code injection and more. The template is built from web safe fonts to maximize compatibility across various devices.

The customization options allow you to customize virtually any aspect of the website to ensure that the website blends in perfectly with your company branding as well as any existing websites that you may have.

A Responsive Site with the layout builder

ZoneStore is completely responsive. This means that the site will scale perfectly no matter what device you are using to access it. You can access ZoneStore from a desktop PC, a tablet or a phone. You can use any browser of your choice to access ZoneStore and it will still display correctly. Since it is responsive, the site will adapt its layout to fit any screen size.

You can further customize this layout using the layout builder, which is an easy to use tool that can get you the perfect website. You can change the layout of the page contents, as well as the layout of the items in the menu.

The website comes with two different layout options. A boxed layout and a wide layout. The boxes layout shows two wide margins on both sides of the page. It can be used to display some texture, background images, or even advertising.

Working web forms

The template comes with functional web forms. You get the login form, user registration, contact, search, product submission, product details query, and a general query form. All of them work right out of the box without any additional setup.

High Performance

With ZoneStore, you will not have to worry about a low-performance website anymore. The design is very fast loading. The GTmetrix score is quite high. The template page size is less than two megabytes and loads up in a couple of seconds. You can squeeze out more performance from this template by using well-optimized images for your site. The page also passes W3C validation and hence guarantees complete compatibility with any modern browser.

The website has gone through tons of optimization processes.  Most of the HTML and CSS code has been compressed. The code has been minified so that reading the code becomes less resource-intensive for the browser. Extensions for the optimization of images have also been included. Lazy loading allows the browser to display the page as it is downloaded, instead of waiting for the entire page to be downloaded. SEO optimized code allows the page to rank higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo searches.

Compatible with Third-party extensions

Joomla has a large selection of extensions that you can use to customize or add functionality to your website. ZoneStore is compatible will all of those extensions, allowing extensive customizations to your website.

Easy Translation

The template can be easily translated. It already comes with the relevant translation packs that are needed for any multilingual website.