MyOffers: A Joomla Classified Template for Online Advertising

Redefine the power of online classified advertising through a sophisticated, robust and the most impressive Joomla classified template from Joomla-Monsters.

You may be guessing it right! Yes, today I’m going to talk about MyOffers- a theme that is developed after a thorough research from the JM development team.

Before I go into listing all the amazing features of this Joomla Classified Template, you should know the reason behind choosing MyOffers and what exactly made this template unique.

There are millions of classified advertising website worldwide, and most of them are somehow copied from Backpage and Craigslist.

However, these websites have also got some limitations with their design. To me, it looks like both of these websites has been designed in the early ‘90s and since then no update has been made!

Well, I do not mean that there are no visitors to these sites. But people like me tend to stay away from these sorts of gloomy classified sites.

On the other hand, some people use eBay to sell their unnecessary items. I observed the process of selling items on eBay is much harder than what it should be. What I like is that I want to have full control on my listing while getting a clean and sleek look.

So, rather than advertisings unused items on other sites, why not develop your own classified ad to introduce your own identity to the world and grasp the huge market niche. Believe me, many people have tried to follow Backpage, but at the end, they failed to succeed in the market.

That’s why you have to come up with something innovative which can penetrate to people’s eye at a glance.

I have found MyOffers is the best-classified ads website template of current time with a competitive price.

Key features of Myoffers – Joomla Classifieds Template are:

  • 100% responsive
  • Ads Management Tool
  • SEO Friendly
  • Advanced Search Criteria
  • Product Specification
  • Translation Ready
  • Classified Types
  • Google Map Support
  • Social Plug-ins Integrated
  • Money Monetizing Options
  • Payment Plug-ins
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Well-Documented

and much more.

Let’s dive into details of the above features and see what MyOffers has for us.

100% Responsive:

A fully responsive template is what everyone looking for so that it adapts to every screen size. Whether you are using a mobile or laptop, MyOffers covers every single version of the viewing device.

Ads Management Tool:

A flexible and easy to use DJ classified Joomla ads extension has been used which enables you to control all adverts settings. In addition to classified builder feature, it has got a few stunning modules to encourage website visitors to click on the ads.

SEO Friendly:

MyOffers is fully SEO friendly Joomla Template that uses classified SEO enabled the software. It can automatically adjust and customize links structure for every category and ads items. Now, you may be thinking of optimizing your listing. Don’t worry, this theme will also optimize your listings by itself- that too without any coding knowledge!

Advanced Search Criteria:

When new visitors browse your site, they frequently use advanced search rather than a general search to get a very specific result. Thanks to the developers for giving such a flexibility of creating a powerful search button.

Product Specification:

You can create unlimited product specifications. Using a divergent type of formats, it is possible to create an infinite number of custom fields for each product category.

Translation Ready:

Classified ads Joomla extension is available over 20 widely used languages. And they are adding more languages frequently.

Classified Types:

This option helps to categorize ads levels. Creating and styling these levels (e.g: Hot, Popular etc) is very easy while getting a freedom to charge for creating these types.

Google Map Location Support:

MyOffers comes with powerful Google map which is highly configurable. You can set any location on your website or to a specific ads option.

Social Media Options:

Popular social media buttons are the must be needed things nowadays as it increases website traffic and visitors engagement while surging sells.

Money Monetizing Options:

Orthodox classified templates do not come with revenue making options. However, MyOffers gives you options to charge users by 6 amazing ways.

Payment Plug-ins:

Developers have done a brilliant job in this part as well. How? They have included all the popular payment gateway plugins like Paypal, Stripe, 2cc etc. Another most surprising thing for me is that they did not forget to include the most buzzing cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Besides all of these online transfer methods, it is also possible to set up direct bank payment.

Cross-Browser Compatibility:

Most of the template developers claimed to have their templates compatible with all the browsers. Believe me, actually, I found it wrong in several cases. But MyOffers did not disappoint me in this case.


It is a heavy template with a huge number of customizable options. Keeping that in mind, JM people documented every section precisely so that you understand every line of it and develop your own classified ads website with ease.

Wrapping it up……

I have just covered only the key features of this template. There are tons of other useful features are also included with this stunning Joomla Classified Template. I hope you must be thinking of getting this template right away.

I bet you, your investment would not go vain. After developing a website with MyOffers, you will never look around for such type of Joomla Templates.

Thanks for your valuable time, hope you enjoyed reading this. However, if you have any suggestions or questions related to this Joomla Classified Template review, please don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comment section. Stay tuned for more reviews.