Planning to start a classified website using Joomla? Well if the answer is yes, then we can assume that you are looking for a classified Joomla template for your website.

Whenever it comes to Joomla, well there are not as many themes are available as compared to the WordPress. Even if there are templates available, they do not qualify in most of the cases.

Hence to help you out, we have thought of writing a MyOffers Template by Joomla-Monster.

MyOffers Template is one of the best-classified Joomla template that you can try out for creating a classified website.


MyOffers Template review:


MyOffers Template is one of the best Joomla template when it comes to creating a classified website Since the time the My Offers Template is launched, it has gained quite a lot of popularity around the Joomla users. It sports a nice design and offers you a great user experience.

Even the best part of the template is that you do not need to do any modifications to the theme. The default design looks as awesome as you could design. But in case if you want to customize, then not to worry the template allows you to customize it as well.

In this theme, you will find that the front-end is completely rearranged instead of any blog look which loads slow. Instead, the theme has multiple sections which allow your customers to figure out different products on your website.

Even the menu of the theme is completely unique. Instead of boring texts, it allows you to add little icons which look pretty excellent. You can also add advertising banners.

Also in the header area you will find an eye catchy background which is customizable. You can add your own image and personalize it the way you want.

Overall, the theme is designed to offer you flexibility and user-friendly interface. Also, it is the perfect classifieds script for building a classified website using Joomla.

The template also comes with a lazy loading feature and for the masonry grid. You can say that this is one of the top templates for anyone who is looking ahead to create a website like flippa or offermeup. Plus it is compatible with GDPR complaint.

Now let’s talk about some of the top features of the My Offers Template:

Top Features of My Offers Template:

Mobile friendly Joomla template

Nowadays mobile-friendly websites are important. It helps us to the serve the mobile users in a better way and to make it possible for you this theme comes with a responsive mobile friendly design.

Classifieds Software Management Tools

It is one of the easiest to configure the template. The theme comes with a bunch of classified software management tools which offers you full control over all the settings. In addition to that, you get features like extra fields, categories, Google Maps integration, advertiser or user panel and so on.

SEO friendly Classifieds Software

This classified template is also SEO friendly. This one comes with all the search engine optimization or SEO options. So you can easily customize your website structure, adjust the links structure for ads, items and categories and so on. Even all these job can be done without any technical knowledge.

Flexibility in Creating Search Criteria

AS you already know the fact that the search in classified software must work the way it is supposed to and to make it possible, this template comes with the flexibility of creating the searching criteria. As a result, you will be able to give your site visitors get the best user experience and accurate results on the go.

Create product specification using custom fields

You can easily create product specifications using the DJ classified software and the good part is that there are no limitations on it. It comes with custom fields that you have to create by yourself and add the products category using the different type formats.

Based on flexible Joomla framework EF4

The template is based on the flexible Joomla framework EF4. As a result, you will be able to adjust the template according to your needs without even touching the code. The EF4 powerful Joomla Framework will give you a hell lot of features which will help you in modifying the template colors to adjusting template layout for mobile and desktop users.

How Much Does MyOffers Joomla template Cost?

MyOffers Classified Joomla template only costs $204(Single Site License(in price: template, extensions, demo installer, support). That gets you the access to everything you saw in this review,

Summing Up:

So that was all for the My Offers Template review. If you are planning to get the template, then there is good news. The developers of the theme will also offer you a free installation. So in case if you are not confident enough, then feel free to contact them.

Anyway, if you have any more questions to ask, feel free to comment below.

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