The internet is so vast that it is hard to truly conceive its immensity. It might very well be humanity’s greatest accomplishment yet, connecting all of us to its ocean of knowledge and database of information.

WordPress CMS, the once-simple blogging platform, has grown alongside the internet itself and today powers over 28% of the entire world wide web. Today this open-source software that can be used to create anything, from a simple blog or website to a fully functioning internet platform, is the most popular and versatile technology online, as clearly evident by this WordPress hosting case study. It shows the attempts of some of the best hosting companies to support the platform and to create products especially aimed at its innumerable users.

Market Pioneer

WordPress is older than Twitter or Facebook and powers millions of websites worldwide. Popular brands like eBay Inc. power their platform with WordPress, and the celebrities we follow use WordPress for their sites, PR, and marketing campaigns.

Widespread Adoption

Jay-Z, Ariana Grande, and the Rolling Stones all use WordPress and so do 44.8% of the world’s universities colleges and schools. Governments, companies, and just about every type of internet entrepreneur, big or small, all use WordPress.

WordPress can chalk their impressive presence and heavy market domination up to a few key factors.

For one, it is easy to use and implement, even for a non-developer or programmer.

Secondly, the themes and plugins that WordPress has in its arsenal allow for almost any type of functionality to be integrated easily. WordPress gives you all this while being relatively cheap and accessible by the mass market looking to build their fortunes on the ever-expanding online realm.

More Information

Whatever your intention might be when you are looking to start, build, and or run a website or internet platform, WordPress is likely on the top of your list of options.

If you’re looking for even more valuable WordPress CMS information, check out these 51 Amazing Facts You Probably Don’t Know About WordPress for one of the best-curated sources of WordPress facts, stats and information we have come across.

51 Amazing WordPress CMS Usage Facts & Statistics


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